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A software created by Legends' Lab

Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics for space

Our software allows you to access our workbooks but also to design your own programming modules to drive or do something different with your students without worrying about the human machine interface.

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Learning S.T.E.A.M.

The interdisciplinary STIAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach aims to stimulate middle and high school students' interest in science and technology, leading them to develop their creative problem-solving skills.)

The key terms :

  • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
  • In french: STIAM: Sciences, Technologie, Ingénierie,Arts et Mathématiques

In 2018, the Minister of National Education Mr. BLANQUER Jean Michel hailed the importance of this approach in the European working group STEM Coalition. It is to foster this learning fabric that LEGENDS' Lab and STEAM.SPACE are born in 2019 to develop a space-oriented approach to S.T.I.A.M. Our teams then developed an Open Hardware marketplace (Legends' Lab) and an Open Interface software (Steam.Space) to allow teachers and / or research scientists to develop their pedagogical contents thanks to independent tools and free of any advertising.
This independence allows us to study solutions and an approach really in adequacy with the needs of the educational teams. To support techno-creative activities we have developed Steam.Space: a software that drives a nanocomputer but remains open to the addition of additional modules.

Open Interface software: Steam.Space to take you further...

The Legend's Lab team is proud to present our software to read our workbooks.

We wanted to design a simple software for learning space-oriented Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.I.M).

Our software allows you to design your own modules to extend the possibilities of it, moreover it is very easy to share a module, that's why this site will allow you to promote it if you wish...